Can a telephone appeal damage our other fundraising activities?

It goes without saying that any new fundraising activity will have some affect on existing fundraising programs, particularly if you simply measure each initiative individually. However, we find that a phone appeal will not only bring significant new dollars into your organization, but will also breath new life into your donors as a whole. Our clients regularly see positive trends showing the broad affect the personal phone call has on the responsiveness their donors have to all of their fundraising activities.

What direct ROI should I expect if I call my active donors?

Much of this depends on the donor’s giving history, however in general our clients active donor projects will have 3:1 to a 5:1 ROI, sometimes even higher.

Will a fundraising call offend our donors?

Our clients’ experience has been that a telephone appeal is no more offensive than any other fundraising project and in fact, most will tell you that the negative comments they hear are primarily because they’ve actually given their donors an opportunity to personally tell them their concern.

A telephone campaign is not in our budget. How can we afford this?

We understand the budget constraints that may be inherent with operating a nonprofit organization. That’s why we won’t invoice you for any part of the project until we’ve completed our calls. And when you do receive an invoice, you will have an additional 30 days to submit your payment. In fact we’ve never had a client not able to pay for the project directly from the project’s proceeds.

I’m thinking this is a great tool to reactivate my lapsed donors, but I’m hesitant to call active donors. Am I right?

Yes and no. Yes, you are right to look at a phone appeal as a great way to reactivate lapsed donors. Using a telephone appeal, our clients will often reactivate 8-10% of their lapsed list with an ROI of 1.5:1 to 2:1 and sometimes even higher. However, our clients also see that by calling and talking to as many active donors as possible, they are 20-30% less likely to lapse. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook a letter or an email. It’s pretty difficult to ignore a personal phone call.