The Gateway Promise

We're Here to Serve Your Vision

In virtually every community in America people and families struggle to meet their most basic daily needs: a place to sleep, nutritious food, adequate clothing and access to basic hygiene and personal-care.

The intrinsic size, bureaucracy and impersonal structure of governmental agencies make it nearly impossible to efficiently and effectively meet all of these needs. That’s why frontline nonprofit ministries like localized food banks or rescue missions are vitally important to individuals and families facing a temporary crisis.

For nearly two decades Gateway Communications has been partnering with charitable ministries to help develop and maintain a responsive team of donors so these essential ministries have the funds necessary to fulfill their purpose.
Our promise is to partner with you to achieve your ministry vision and to accurately represent your purpose.

Here’s what you’ll get with Gateway’s program:

A Personalized, Memorable Experience for Donors

As a ministry seeks to build relationships with it donors, effective communication is critical. Newsletters, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail and billboards can all be very effective, but often lack a personal touch. A warm, personal phone call from your organization will strengthen the personal connection your donors have with ministry.

A Sensitive Calling Strategy

Although a personal phone call can be a wonderful addition to your communication strategy, too many phone calls or harsh tactics will prove to be counterproductive. We’ve found a single, courteous phone call per year to your donors to be very effective.

Flexible Messaging

Unlike direct mail, media or print advertising, phone scripts can be altered at any time allowing you the flexibility to test various messages with minimal risk.

Building Synergy

Investing in one personal phone call a year to your donors will not only carry a reasonable return, but also will breath fresh life into the relation ship you have with them. The phone call helps build their commitment to your ministry over the long term. Our clients would agree that there is a direct correlation between personally calling and engaging donors over the telephone, and measurable long-lasting improvement in donor retention and participation.

Strong Return on Investment

Although many aspects of your telephone fundraising project will drive your return on investment, ultimately it comes down to two things: cost and income. We understand that your donors deserve to have as much of their contribution directed toward impacting people’s lives as possible. That’s why we go to great lengths to control phone appeal costs. After all, if more financial support reaches the front lines of your ministry, then we’ve done our job right.