The Gateway Team

Experienced, Dedicated and Professional

The founders of Gateway Communications began their work in the nonprofit world directing two charitable organizations. As these charities grew, so did their need for increased revenues.

They soon learned that developing and maintaining in house donor communication capabilities wasn’t always feasible. And outside services often came with a price that put them beyond the reach of a growing ministry. This was particularly true for tele-communication services.

So we developed for ourselves what was lacking in the marketplace: an affordable, skilled calling center with a passion to help nonprofits dedicated to humanitarian service. Now rescue missions, food banks and other organizations across the nation have access to the finest telecommunications services from a company with a dedicated interest in helping those in need.

Knowledgeable, passionate communication professionals.

Anyone can read a script, but it takes special people to represent the heart of a ministry. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that every Gateway Communications calling professional has a firsthand understanding of the life-impacting work that missions and food banks provide to those who need it most. We understand what you do. More importantly, we understand why.

Each year, our callers tour local missions and food banks. We invite experienced ministry staff to participate in our training sessions, review scripts and listen in on donor conversations. Through this process, our callers develop an ownership and recognize that the work they perform changes lives.

Also, as evidence of the value we place on each of our employees, Gateway’s employee retention is much higher than the industry standard.

Production excellence.

The Gateway Communications production staff who print and prepare the personalized fulfillment mail understand that by serving our clients, they are helping real people with critical needs.

Each of our printing and production management staff has between 10 and 35 years’ experience in their respective fields. They take every letter they prepare as if someone’s life depends on its quality and accuracy. It’s more than ink on paper. It’s somebody’s lifeline.

Data sophistication and integration.

Managing data is a vital part of every donor development effort. At Gateway we have a highly skilled and seasoned staff of data and technology experts. Your vital donor data is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.

In addition, our services actually enhance your donor information as we go to lengths to add and update phone numbers and our careful phone representatives update names and addresses. Our callers also track other meaningful information that donors want to communicate to you.